Duh, I’m not the only person that writes so here are a few blogs that I enjoy:


Free Thoughts Blog: a hodgepodge of opinions on various topics. Not for the sensitive.

Simply Starting Over: 1 of my fave followers on Twitter

Miss True Happiness: Fellow UNCG Spartan giving awesome make-up tips.

You Heard it Phirst: Fellow UNCG Spartan giving financial advice and other helpful money tidbits

Stay Dashing: Stacey Dash has started a blog. I wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t worth reading.

Uptown Notes: Straight forward commentary on various social issues

Beauty Logic:  Another great beauty blog

UnEnding Battle: Fellow UNCG Spartan sharing her amazing weight loss journey

Wilder in Real Life:  The title sums it up; join Wilder as she navigates real life. I’m so glad we’re friends in real life so I get the full experience.

Shoe Sorority: If you love shoes check it out.

The Courtnee Mason: You may recognize Courtnee from VH1’s You’re Cut Off Season 1.  We’ve known each other for years and I’m happy to support her.

Vintage Black Glamour: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Amazing vintage photos.


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