Social Commentary did not start the way it currently is. I used to have a Xanga blog back in 2004 and would write a lot of random things. The earliest Social Commentary was actually titled, “Random Acts of Randomness” or “Randomosity” depending on my mood and memory. I would numerically list random thoughts as they popped into my head. Gradually, I began to elaborate on some of the most commented on numbers. One thing led to another and I started to write essays focused on a single or multi-layered topic. Facebook started to evolve and added the notes feature, so I closed my Xanga and began writing all my essays on Facebook. I do believe at one point I used the title, “Social Commentary,” for a numeric list and just stuck with it.

My readers who have been with me from the beginning have seen Social Commentary develop, change, and piss off some people. It’s never my intent to piss anyone off with my writings. As I said in one of my earliest poems, “I write what I see and feel.” I do not apologize if you acting a monkey was something I saw and wrote about. Anyway, I write about different topics that will evoke stimulating conversation. I will tug at your heart strings and poke at your religious gut. I am not responsible for any feelings you have after reading a Social Commentary. I do not sit down and craft and conjure up a Social Commentary that is deliberately designed to offend anyone. Always remember, “You’re not special.”

I get 2 rushes from Social Commentary. The 1st is my joy of writing. It would take me a while to explain the work that goes into 1 Social Commentary topic. The feeling I get from completing a Social Commentary or when I’m in the zone and can’t stop writing one is exhilarating! The 2nd is my quirk of attempting to figure out what makes people tick. I want to hear various opinions on a topic. I welcome the debating, the discussing, the learning, the ill feelings, the positive feelings, etc. I believe lots of things have gone horribly wrong or unnoticed because nobody discussed.

Where will I go with Social Commentary? I’ve a few ideas that range from a book to vlogs. Yes, Social Commentary on video. Will it happen? I can’t say forsooth.

Enjoy Social Commentary. Comment on Social Commentary. Follow on Twitter @AngNaomi. I welcome new followers always! My page is public so just click follow. Do not hunt me down on Facebook, I will only decline your invite. My Facebook page is for people I know and have interacted with more than once. Sounds harsh, but it’s true. If one day I become a well known public figure, I will make a Facebook fanpage and will welcome fans with open arms. Until then, keep your support and enjoyment of Social Commentary on Twitter and wordpress.

Oh yes and if at any point you get disgruntled with Social Commentary stop reading. It’s that simple.





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