What can I say about me that hasn’t already been said? HA! I just wanted to use that cliche. In a nutshell I’m a writer, actor, choreographer, dancer, and activist. I secretly long to be “normal” and have a regular 9-5 job, a steady relationship, and predictable weekends. Ehhh, I’m not. I don’t have a regular job, steady relationship(s), or predictable weekends. I’ve filmed national commercials, indy films, and acted in small theater shows; it’s what I do. I love to learn and research, but never liked being graded on how well I learned or researched. Yeah, school was just a social formality. Traveling is another hobby. I’d like to visit every continent; maybe (not sure about Antartica), every state, and of course see as many islands as possible. I’ve come to learn that my personality is an acquired taste.  Some people like me and some people don’t. Quite frankly I don’t give a damn who doesn’t like me; the feeling is probably mutual. But those who do like me seem to really enjoy me and all the random acts of randomness that come with the package. And to quote Forest Gump, “That’s bout all I have to say bout that.”


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  1. New vision says:

    I must say I love your posts and it was a pleasure to find you on a random google search. Greetings from an island 😉

  2. Sandi Lee says:

    WOW thanks..sounds like wisdom I found! Family Mooching ~ straight and to the point!

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